My version of explosion Box

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Hello Everyone,

Enjoying your holidays? Wow..I wish I could take few leaves ;) and just fly away.But the one relaxing thing is that because everyone else has off, I do not have to work a lot. These are easy days for my office work as well.

I was working on explosion box. One thing was fixed in my mind that I want to make this for my 3 year old kid. And I want her to enjoy exploring it and also learn along with it.

So, there are 4 sides to explosion box..I have put Number, letters, animals and butterflies on each side.

Another view

When it is opened...taada...!! Kidding.!I have not yet done anything inside except one small game i.e spell-your-name for my kiddo.

So what is spell-your-name..I wanted to teach my daughter the spelling of her name. And I thought this would be something interesting for her. A small video for you all to see. Make one for your kid and see the smile on their face:

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MIHIRA..that right! That is the name of my daughter.



Making of Cutie doll

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Hello Everyone,

Im very excited to share the outcome of workshop I attended few days back. This was my first workshop. I wanted to learn this ever since I had seen photos of cutie dolls on facebook.

This doll is completely made of clay.

As soon as I saw that the workshop is being held at Bangalore, I grabbed the  phone and called the facilitator.She is a such a friendly lady. She said you come, we will help you to complete the doll within a day. Ideally it takes 2 days to complete one doll.Coincidentally, my mother in law was with us and she agreed to look after my three year old!This was THE first time I was going out on my own for myself after a long long time. It is really difficult after a kid.Phew!!

Shabana Patel had come to teach us. She is senior artist and we could not have completed the dolls without her help within a day.

It was a wonderful day..By the way how is my doll??

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Sweet little flowers

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Hello Everyone,

 So, we are in Dec-2015 and waiting for the new year. I'm sure everyone of you will have some or the other plans for the year end celebration.  I was never fond of parties and celebration. I always prefered to have these memorable moments with my family.

This is yet another paper quilling work by me. The flowers are made of 2 mm strip of paper. I think that is the thinnest you get here in India.

The leaves are not made of quilling. I thought of trying it this way. the stems are made of wire that comes for flower making and the green tape around it.

I was not sure what background I wanted or how I wanted to arrange this. So I tried one more way.

This is on brown background with less number of flowers :). I am absolutely bad at creating backgrounds with water colour :(

I liked both arrangements and background. Which one you liked??

You may also like to visit my other paper quilling work:

The lost trasure

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Paper Quilling - Ear Rings

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Hi everyone,

This is my first try at making ear rings. After seeing beautiful earrings made by all of you, I could not resist but try few by myself. So these are the ones I made. It was fun..real fun. You can make the ear rings of the colours you like or the colours that match you dress.

I had few beads at home, which I have used almost in each one of the ear ring :)

These are the tools you have to to have before you start making any kind of ear rings at home.

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The lost Treasure...

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing good.And hope Channai has recovered from the heavy rains and flood.

I would like to share with you all the card I made from Paper quilling. Its simple one. This one I had made long back. Almost 3 years back. When I was cleaning up my hard disk, I got the photo of this one :).

Its like finding out the lost treasure.

How is it? Do you like it?




Make-up Organizer

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Hi Everyone,

I am writing after long long time under this section. We were shifting our house after I wrote the first write-up on this topic. And then it took a while to settle everything in new house.

So, this is a simple make-up organizer which suits my need. I do not have much cosmetics. So it was simple for me I guess to decide and make the organizer.

Before you design an #organizer for you, what is important is how many different types of cosmetics you have and their different sizes.

For example you can divide it like below:
1. Lipsticks/Lip gloss
2. Eye Liners/ Maskara
3. Face powders
4. Eye Shadows

Once you have categorized, then you can decide and draw a rough architecture of how you want your organizer to be.

This is how my organizer looks like :) I have made this from cornflakes box and soap box.So absolutely cheap!

This is two storied organizer. The top section has all cosmetics. And the bottom section has all the hair pins and hair bands.

 And the bottom section has these hair clips.




Art Journal : Page1 : Serenity

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Hello Everyone,

I am back with the first page of my Art Journal. I have loved art journal concept. So, I am always thinking what I want to express and how I want to do it.

I do not have any stamps or inks or decoupage material yet. I am simply using water colours. Just water colours and sketch pens.

The first page of my Art Journal is about Serenity. I love simplicity. I like calmness. The nature makes you calm. It gives you peace.

Have you ever sat on the garden bench, staring into the sky?...Imagine you are neither viewing sunrise or the sunset nor the stars or the moon. Its plain sky. I can sit there.. on that bench for hours. Just the thought of it makes me relax.

Reply me with what you do you perceive your life..I would like to hear it.

You would also want to check out the cover page of my art journal.

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Wish You all A very happy Diwali...!

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Better late than never..!

I know I am late in wishing you all wonderful people. Please forgive me for that. Being busy can not be the excuse everytime :)

I had made floating tea light candle holders for this Diwali. Its base is of rubber sheet. You can buy these sheets like 20-30 rupees per piece.

Its very simple. The pictures are self explanatory. I would like to see what you made this Diwali. Do share.

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My miniature pottery

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Hello Everyone,

I am back again! I know you all are not used to see back to back posts from me. But these are some long pending posts.

I had made paper mache clay at home. You have already seen the Papermache Charms in my earlier posts.At that time only I made this miniature paper mache pot using a 'cup' from my daughter's kitchen set :) . I should be thankful to her for letting me use her cup.

So, here you..this is how it looks like.

 Step 1 : Get a dried twig of any plant. Make sure that its dried completely. Apply colour on it.

Step 2 : Put clear film inside the cup and then put paper mache clay against it. Press it hard. Let it dry for a day or two. Once dried it will automatically come out of the mold. 

Apply colour on it and then wrap a yarn around. Make many of these small pots to create your own min garden.

Try one for yourself. You can use any kind of clay for that matter. And so mail me with your miniature pots.

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clay modelling,

Symbol of sacredness and auspiciousness

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Hi Everyone,

Haldi <turmeric powder> and Kumkum <red powder> are considered as symbol of sacredness in Hindu Culture. Kumkum is applied on forehead on every auspicious occasion. And the necklace with gold and black beads is called Mangalsutra<मंगळसुत्र> which is a sacred thread worn by a married women in India, specially in Maharashtra.

There are many states in India.The cultures and beliefs differ from state to state.

What I have made today is the decorative Haldi-Kumkum box. This box is made up of thinnest wood used for craft called #MDF board. I bought this from Pune, Maharashtra, India.This is how it looked when I bought it:

I had some beads, laces and broken ear rings at home. I have used the Fevicryl  Acrylic colours and painted the box first. Then applied Varnish <to protect paint> and then stick these beads and laces.

Do let me know how you liked it. Do you want to decorate anything but don't know what to buy and what to use, do write to me..we can do it together.This box can be gifted to any married women who comes to your house for the first time.

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My Art Journal Cover Page

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Hello Everyone,

I am starting a new section today on Art Journals. So what exactly is art journal?
Basically, art journal is illustration of your thoughts. There can be anything and everything that you can document in your art journal. It does not have to be perfect.

I started this art journal for expressing my thoughts. My likes and my dislikes and my views and my perceptions. I find this is the most beautiful way to express yourself.

Click here if you want to know more about Art Journal.

I am going to present you the coverpage of my art journal. I have used water colours, acrylics, markers, sketch pens, colour pencils and some imagination ;)

I wanted to show what life is for me through this cover page....

Life is Growth like the growing plant
Life is beautiful like peacock
Life is Complex like the feathers of peacock 
Life is colourful like Rainbow
Life is happy like the yellow shade
Life is peaceful like the blue colour
Life is uncertain like the clouds on floor
Life is Love like the half shape heart

So how is it??

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Painting on Canvas using #Mseal

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Hello All,

Its been a long long time since the last post. Its not that I did not do anything but I could not collect everything at one place or could not complete everything that I started.

This period of the year is festival season in India. So I was also busy in festivals and decorations and celebrations.

I wanted to do something with mseal. For those of you who do not know what mseal is, its a fast curing eproxy compound. You can easily get it any of the hardware shops. You can buy a smaller pack to start with. It takes hardly 30 minutes to dry. Once dried its permanent. You can make anything from it. And it does not break easily.

You can also check below posts to see what all you can do with #Mseal :

#Wine bottle decoration

#Nameplate using Mseal

Now, about this painting.I took lot of time in deciding what I want and how I want. Making flowers was the easiest tasks of all. Believe me! is it? Do want to learn how to make this? Do you want to have something like this for your home?

Do let me know your comments. Your feedback is important above all.




Wine Bottle Decoration using #Mseal

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Hello all my dear readers,

Happy Friday!!

I am happy that its Friday today and end of the working week :)

I was thinking and wondering a lot about how people create beautiful flower pots using ceramic powder and fevicol i.e white glue. But I could not get hold of ceramic powder :(.

I tried working with Mseal earlier but something was missing. I mean I could never get the desired result. Then again I visited nearby hardware shop, and there I got this another type of Mseal which dries within half an hour. So I got that home. But what about design and all. I had not given thought about it.

After playing with 2-3 ideas in mind, I finalized on one. I would try making small strawberry design on the bottle. When I started, I was going to give black as background wash with colourful strawberries and leaves.

But when it was done, this is how it turned out to be ;)..And I am happy with final result.

Keep blogging and keep reading..:)

Wish you all a happy weekend !!



Paper Mache Charms

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A very good evening to all my dear readers..

I hope everybody's Sunday was fantastic and not as lazy as mine was ;)

My last post was in Jun and now July is about to end.I was waiting and waiting for the right moment and for the right creation to right a post. And in that period I made so many things and experimented so different things.

Anyways this post is about creating charms out of paper mache. When I started researching on paper mache, I read through lot of recipes online. But finally I settled down with the one give on . This recipe is using toilet paper roll, instead I have used tissue papers.

Good thing about paper mache:

1. It is cheaper
2. No need to bake it
3. It can be made at home
4. The objects created with paper mache are light weight

What I didn't like about paper mache:

1.It does not give finishing like cold porcelain or polymer clay
2. It shrinks once it dries that was lot on how and what and why. Let me show you few charms I created from Paper mache:

Few close ups so that you can see details

I also made a star and a heart, but sorry didn't take their photos.

I promise that you would see my next post soon enough..

Keep Creating and Keep spreading the creativity,



Organizing your stuff...

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Hey There...

Organizing is the key to a planned, peaceful and happy life ;)
Specially it will help all those who are trying to balance their work and life. At times we do not get things on time because we never make home for them or designate place for them. So the most important point here is to stat deciding home for every small thing in your house.

I have started my own organization spree. And the first thing that I did was to jot down the 5 places/ areas which are the most messy areas my house.

You may want to start with me. First noting down the problematic areas/corners of your house.

1. Now as I work from home, I have a desk and a chair for myself. However, my desk is never organized or I always have to get up to look for things I require.So 'Office Desk Organization' it is!

2. All the warranties and guarantees are anywhere around the house. Some are in my drawers, some at desk, few in common drawers as well. So this makes up second in the list

3. Dressing Table, yes its another mess with my clips. rubber bands, hair bands and make up things. Not organized.

4. Craft Supply. I may not have lot of craft supplies but whatever I have, I never got sufficient space to keep them and keep them organized.

5. Though my kitchen is the most organized room in the house. There is a grey area which I never understood how to organize. I have number of and variety of spices and they are not at all properly organized.So that take the 5th position.

I would be doing some DIY stuff to keep these things organized and I will share the procedure with you all. So lets start...

Love all,




Kirigami--My first try at this art

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Hey Everyone,

How are you all??!! Hope all is fine with everyone around me..:)

I upgraded my OS on mobile few days back and during that time I had uninstalled Google Plus.
Now its installed again and photos are getting backed up...!!

So it becomes easy for me to attach them while writing a post.

I was searching and browsing through lot of materials and templates for Kirigami art. This is basically a Japanese art of paper cutting.

I found below template simple and interesting ...

Few instructions :

Continuous lines - Cut them with knife
small dotted lines - Valley fold them
long dash lines - Mountain fold them

Its very very simple..All you need is paper cutting mat and paper cutting knife.

Here is the result ....

Do let me how is it ...??

Love you all,



crepe paper flowers

Crepe paper flower making - Rhododendrones and Anemones

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Hey everyone...

I was just browsing through Youtube and found these wonderful videos by Urvashi Gupta.She has shown complete process and templates and everything. It was so interesting that I went out and bought these duplex crepe papers and rest of the stuff I already had it in my house :)).

You can browse through Urvashi's blog to get all templates.

I had fun making them..!!

I tried to make few flowers and here are the pictures.After all everyday is learning for me..!

So how are they???!! I loved them...!!

And that is my flower pot :



Newspaper basket...

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Hello Everyone...

I know its been long long time...I have been busy in house and office and balancing act all these days.

So here I am with instructions on how I made this small newspaper basket. These days its craze to make something from new paper...:)

I took an existing box of the shape I preferred. And then first attached all those square creations you see at bottom line of the box.

So this is how you make them :

Take one page of news paper

 Cut it into half

Fold it along the length i.e longer side of the rectangle

Fold it at distance of 1 cm and apply glue to it

I used cloths pin to hold it in a place after applying glue.

Then to make sticks all around, I used toothpicks and rolled them into newspaper. That way it gave that sturdy look to it.

And...taaaa....daaaa...this is my newspaper basket

Try one for your would like it..!!


Work in progress ...

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Hey are you all? How's life??

I haven't posted anything since a week.Thought I would just say hello to all.I am working on 2 projects..

I am making a small dust bin for our car..out of news's taking time.I would post the step by step procedure once done..

This week and weekend have been so busy..with lot of office work and appraisals at office and valentine during weekend :).

Meanwhile I am trying to plant vegetables in pot..cilantro and green chillies are up by an inch or so..I felt so glad when the first leaf peeped out of pot..And my curry leaves plant has finally responded to my love..a new brach of leaf has come up..that gives me so much of happiness to see them grow..:)



Making of fairy house

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Its been a lazy lazy weekend....
I tried to make a fairy house out of the bottle and the coconut shell..but unfortunately it didnt turn out the way i wanted to be. The roof which is made from coconut shell has become adorable..but body..still need improvement.Anyways this was my first try..and its okay to be not perfect..:)I dont want to be hard on myself..

I have tried to capture step by step process..Hope you get your own ideas out of this..

To make a roof, take evenly cut coconut shell and clean it properly..

Now take clay whichever type you like..I have taken air drying clay..Cut out circle pieces out of it and give them shape like below

Start sticking this from the bottom ring of the coconut shell

 Go upto the top..and this is how it will look like after finishing

Now let it needs atleast 24hours to dry😊

Once its dried, smooth the surface with sand paper and then apply colour of your choice

Now the body...i have used a bottle and clay to make it

After applying colours of your choice and decorating it with flowers..this is how it looks

My little garden fairy house :)


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