Work in progress ...

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Hey are you all? How's life??

I haven't posted anything since a week.Thought I would just say hello to all.I am working on 2 projects..

I am making a small dust bin for our car..out of news's taking time.I would post the step by step procedure once done..

This week and weekend have been so busy..with lot of office work and appraisals at office and valentine during weekend :).

Meanwhile I am trying to plant vegetables in pot..cilantro and green chillies are up by an inch or so..I felt so glad when the first leaf peeped out of pot..And my curry leaves plant has finally responded to my love..a new brach of leaf has come up..that gives me so much of happiness to see them grow..:)



Making of fairy house

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Its been a lazy lazy weekend....
I tried to make a fairy house out of the bottle and the coconut shell..but unfortunately it didnt turn out the way i wanted to be. The roof which is made from coconut shell has become adorable..but body..still need improvement.Anyways this was my first try..and its okay to be not perfect..:)I dont want to be hard on myself..

I have tried to capture step by step process..Hope you get your own ideas out of this..

To make a roof, take evenly cut coconut shell and clean it properly..

Now take clay whichever type you like..I have taken air drying clay..Cut out circle pieces out of it and give them shape like below

Start sticking this from the bottom ring of the coconut shell

 Go upto the top..and this is how it will look like after finishing

Now let it needs atleast 24hours to dry😊

Once its dried, smooth the surface with sand paper and then apply colour of your choice

Now the body...i have used a bottle and clay to make it

After applying colours of your choice and decorating it with flowers..this is how it looks

My little garden fairy house :)



Paper Quilling 2D envelopes

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Good morning dear ones..

Today I am posting the few of the envelopes I created out of card stock.

I have put on some paper quilling embellishments to make it look attractive.These can be used to give gift cards/money to your loved ones or in the Indian marriage ceremony.

There can be several uses of it. I have still 2 envelopes made but I have not done anything on that :). Still thinking what can give them the royal look..



A small greeting card & a pen stand

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Good afternoon to you all..

I was just trying to use the material I already have at home. Then I came up with a greeting card.

Its very simple and looks so pretty..

On the similar lines, I made a pen stand that day, thought of using the same yarn technique used for wine bottle..



Wine Bottle decoration

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Happy February to you all..:)

I am very happy yo share with you the wine bottle that I have decorated and now using them as flower pot..they look beautiful..!!

Decorating a wine bottle with yarn is the simplest thing you can do and get the adorable results of it..

You may have to :

1.Clean the bottle from outside and inside
2. Remove stickers if any
3. Apply crafty glue and start rolling the yarn around it.
4. Once your bottle is fully covered with yarn, you may want to decorate it a bit, put on some embellishments to give it a nice touch..

And then you may want to gift it to your loved ones..!


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