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Hello Everyone...

I know its been long long time...I have been busy in house and office and balancing act all these days.

So here I am with instructions on how I made this small newspaper basket. These days its craze to make something from new paper...:)

I took an existing box of the shape I preferred. And then first attached all those square creations you see at bottom line of the box.

So this is how you make them :

Take one page of news paper

 Cut it into half

Fold it along the length i.e longer side of the rectangle

Fold it at distance of 1 cm and apply glue to it

I used cloths pin to hold it in a place after applying glue.

Then to make sticks all around, I used toothpicks and rolled them into newspaper. That way it gave that sturdy look to it.

And...taaaa....daaaa...this is my newspaper basket

Try one for your would like it..!!

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