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Hey There...

Organizing is the key to a planned, peaceful and happy life ;)
Specially it will help all those who are trying to balance their work and life. At times we do not get things on time because we never make home for them or designate place for them. So the most important point here is to stat deciding home for every small thing in your house.

I have started my own organization spree. And the first thing that I did was to jot down the 5 places/ areas which are the most messy areas my house.

You may want to start with me. First noting down the problematic areas/corners of your house.

1. Now as I work from home, I have a desk and a chair for myself. However, my desk is never organized or I always have to get up to look for things I require.So 'Office Desk Organization' it is!

2. All the warranties and guarantees are anywhere around the house. Some are in my drawers, some at desk, few in common drawers as well. So this makes up second in the list

3. Dressing Table, yes its another mess with my clips. rubber bands, hair bands and make up things. Not organized.

4. Craft Supply. I may not have lot of craft supplies but whatever I have, I never got sufficient space to keep them and keep them organized.

5. Though my kitchen is the most organized room in the house. There is a grey area which I never understood how to organize. I have number of and variety of spices and they are not at all properly organized.So that take the 5th position.

I would be doing some DIY stuff to keep these things organized and I will share the procedure with you all. So lets start...

Love all,




Kirigami--My first try at this art

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Hey Everyone,

How are you all??!! Hope all is fine with everyone around me..:)

I upgraded my OS on mobile few days back and during that time I had uninstalled Google Plus.
Now its installed again and photos are getting backed up...!!

So it becomes easy for me to attach them while writing a post.

I was searching and browsing through lot of materials and templates for Kirigami art. This is basically a Japanese art of paper cutting.

I found below template simple and interesting ...

Few instructions :

Continuous lines - Cut them with knife
small dotted lines - Valley fold them
long dash lines - Mountain fold them

Its very very simple..All you need is paper cutting mat and paper cutting knife.

Here is the result ....

Do let me how is it ...??

Love you all,



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