Paper Mache Charms

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A very good evening to all my dear readers..

I hope everybody's Sunday was fantastic and not as lazy as mine was ;)

My last post was in Jun and now July is about to end.I was waiting and waiting for the right moment and for the right creation to right a post. And in that period I made so many things and experimented so different things.

Anyways this post is about creating charms out of paper mache. When I started researching on paper mache, I read through lot of recipes online. But finally I settled down with the one give on . This recipe is using toilet paper roll, instead I have used tissue papers.

Good thing about paper mache:

1. It is cheaper
2. No need to bake it
3. It can be made at home
4. The objects created with paper mache are light weight

What I didn't like about paper mache:

1.It does not give finishing like cold porcelain or polymer clay
2. It shrinks once it dries that was lot on how and what and why. Let me show you few charms I created from Paper mache:

Few close ups so that you can see details

I also made a star and a heart, but sorry didn't take their photos.

I promise that you would see my next post soon enough..

Keep Creating and Keep spreading the creativity,


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