My miniature pottery

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Hello Everyone,

I am back again! I know you all are not used to see back to back posts from me. But these are some long pending posts.

I had made paper mache clay at home. You have already seen the Papermache Charms in my earlier posts.At that time only I made this miniature paper mache pot using a 'cup' from my daughter's kitchen set :) . I should be thankful to her for letting me use her cup.

So, here you..this is how it looks like.

 Step 1 : Get a dried twig of any plant. Make sure that its dried completely. Apply colour on it.

Step 2 : Put clear film inside the cup and then put paper mache clay against it. Press it hard. Let it dry for a day or two. Once dried it will automatically come out of the mold. 

Apply colour on it and then wrap a yarn around. Make many of these small pots to create your own min garden.

Try one for yourself. You can use any kind of clay for that matter. And so mail me with your miniature pots.

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Symbol of sacredness and auspiciousness

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Hi Everyone,

Haldi <turmeric powder> and Kumkum <red powder> are considered as symbol of sacredness in Hindu Culture. Kumkum is applied on forehead on every auspicious occasion. And the necklace with gold and black beads is called Mangalsutra<मंगळसुत्र> which is a sacred thread worn by a married women in India, specially in Maharashtra.

There are many states in India.The cultures and beliefs differ from state to state.

What I have made today is the decorative Haldi-Kumkum box. This box is made up of thinnest wood used for craft called #MDF board. I bought this from Pune, Maharashtra, India.This is how it looked when I bought it:

I had some beads, laces and broken ear rings at home. I have used the Fevicryl  Acrylic colours and painted the box first. Then applied Varnish <to protect paint> and then stick these beads and laces.

Do let me know how you liked it. Do you want to decorate anything but don't know what to buy and what to use, do write to me..we can do it together.This box can be gifted to any married women who comes to your house for the first time.

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My Art Journal Cover Page

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Hello Everyone,

I am starting a new section today on Art Journals. So what exactly is art journal?
Basically, art journal is illustration of your thoughts. There can be anything and everything that you can document in your art journal. It does not have to be perfect.

I started this art journal for expressing my thoughts. My likes and my dislikes and my views and my perceptions. I find this is the most beautiful way to express yourself.

Click here if you want to know more about Art Journal.

I am going to present you the coverpage of my art journal. I have used water colours, acrylics, markers, sketch pens, colour pencils and some imagination ;)

I wanted to show what life is for me through this cover page....

Life is Growth like the growing plant
Life is beautiful like peacock
Life is Complex like the feathers of peacock 
Life is colourful like Rainbow
Life is happy like the yellow shade
Life is peaceful like the blue colour
Life is uncertain like the clouds on floor
Life is Love like the half shape heart

So how is it??

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Painting on Canvas using #Mseal

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Hello All,

Its been a long long time since the last post. Its not that I did not do anything but I could not collect everything at one place or could not complete everything that I started.

This period of the year is festival season in India. So I was also busy in festivals and decorations and celebrations.

I wanted to do something with mseal. For those of you who do not know what mseal is, its a fast curing eproxy compound. You can easily get it any of the hardware shops. You can buy a smaller pack to start with. It takes hardly 30 minutes to dry. Once dried its permanent. You can make anything from it. And it does not break easily.

You can also check below posts to see what all you can do with #Mseal :

#Wine bottle decoration

#Nameplate using Mseal

Now, about this painting.I took lot of time in deciding what I want and how I want. Making flowers was the easiest tasks of all. Believe me! is it? Do want to learn how to make this? Do you want to have something like this for your home?

Do let me know your comments. Your feedback is important above all.



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