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Hello Everyone,

I am starting a new section today on Art Journals. So what exactly is art journal?
Basically, art journal is illustration of your thoughts. There can be anything and everything that you can document in your art journal. It does not have to be perfect.

I started this art journal for expressing my thoughts. My likes and my dislikes and my views and my perceptions. I find this is the most beautiful way to express yourself.

Click here if you want to know more about Art Journal.

I am going to present you the coverpage of my art journal. I have used water colours, acrylics, markers, sketch pens, colour pencils and some imagination ;)

I wanted to show what life is for me through this cover page....

Life is Growth like the growing plant
Life is beautiful like peacock
Life is Complex like the feathers of peacock 
Life is colourful like Rainbow
Life is happy like the yellow shade
Life is peaceful like the blue colour
Life is uncertain like the clouds on floor
Life is Love like the half shape heart

So how is it??

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