Making of Cutie doll

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Hello Everyone,

Im very excited to share the outcome of workshop I attended few days back. This was my first workshop. I wanted to learn this ever since I had seen photos of cutie dolls on facebook.

This doll is completely made of clay.

As soon as I saw that the workshop is being held at Bangalore, I grabbed the  phone and called the facilitator.She is a such a friendly lady. She said you come, we will help you to complete the doll within a day. Ideally it takes 2 days to complete one doll.Coincidentally, my mother in law was with us and she agreed to look after my three year old!This was THE first time I was going out on my own for myself after a long long time. It is really difficult after a kid.Phew!!

Shabana Patel had come to teach us. She is senior artist and we could not have completed the dolls without her help within a day.

It was a wonderful day..By the way how is my doll??

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