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Hello Everyone,

Enjoying your holidays? Wow..I wish I could take few leaves ;) and just fly away.But the one relaxing thing is that because everyone else has off, I do not have to work a lot. These are easy days for my office work as well.

I was working on explosion box. One thing was fixed in my mind that I want to make this for my 3 year old kid. And I want her to enjoy exploring it and also learn along with it.

So, there are 4 sides to explosion box..I have put Number, letters, animals and butterflies on each side.

Another view

When it is opened...taada...!! Kidding.!I have not yet done anything inside except one small game i.e spell-your-name for my kiddo.

So what is spell-your-name..I wanted to teach my daughter the spelling of her name. And I thought this would be something interesting for her. A small video for you all to see. Make one for your kid and see the smile on their face:

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MIHIRA..that right! That is the name of my daughter.

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