DIY : Learn to make shadow box frame

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Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Its been long time since my last post. I was little kept up with my office work, year end processing and important enhancements were scheduled to go live. By now, you know that I am into IT industry ;)
Okay, so I wanted to share this with you all long back only, However, could not get enough time to compile the post. Today we are going to learn to make Shadow box frame. This can be used for any of your quilling art work or punch craft art work or anything that you think needs a temporary frame or you dont want to spend lot of money on getting the frame done. In all such cases, you should learn to make shadow box frame. Its very very simple!
The basic materials are as below. I use nail cutter for crisp folding. Its very important that you make your folds properly.
Now take 12 inches by 12 inches cardstock of any colour you want to make frame of.
Mark from every corner at 4 points as shown: 1.5cm, 3cm, 4.5cm, 6cm. This decides the width of the frame border.
Once you mark the points, join them as shown and the cut out the 4 squares as shown and marked in red
Once you cut the 4 corners, mark as below for the two opposite sides of the square.
It should look like below after you mark at two opposite sides
The cut out as per the markings made in red and it would look like below. Then with help of bone folder or any thing which you can use as folder fold on all the three lines starting from edge inwards. Make sure that you do not fold on the innermost line
Apply while glue on the edges marked in red.
Make sure that fold corners perfectly. It should make a proper square at corner like below
And thats it!! Our shadow frame is ready!!!

I would soon come up with many more posts. As I have done many many creative and crafty things.
Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. Lets talk about new year resolution in the next post. It would be fun, right??!!




Organize your leggings in 5 minutes

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Lets de-clutter wardrobe in 5 mins. I was just kidding. I know its not possible to de-cultter in 5 mins. We never want to give away anything and want to have everything in our wardrobe even it fits you or not.
This article is about organizing leggings in a simple way. You would be shocked to see how it was before I decided to organize them. 
This is like 'Before' photo of my mess with the leggings.First of all, I do not like to fold cloths. I feel there is no point and there is no use. Because while taking out the bottom most piece of cloth you are surely going to ruin the folds of the top ones. And when you are in hurry, I bet you would end messing up everything ;)

So this is how I started, I had two empty boxes lying around the house for few days. Until finally I decided to put them to good use.
Cut out the two sides of the box. I tried one with cutting the top and other with closed one. Its enormously simple to put and take out legging from the box without top.Believe me!
Then I just rolled all the leggings and kept them one over the other. Now, mind you! you need not waste lot of time in rolling.Once they are into these organizers they are not going disturb neighboring pile of cloths
Even though the photo here is of the one that is being pulled from top, I want to tell you that pulling out legging from bottom or middle is also that easy. And when you put it back just slide it from the top :)
I would like to share some tips and idea which worked for me :
If you liked these organization ideas and tips do not forget to give like and recommend my blog and facebook page to others. Your comments and love are important for me to keep going. 




DIY : Bed side organizer

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You have Television Set in the bedroom? You love to lie down on bed and watch TV?And often you keep remote controls somewhere which you do not find when needed while lying down on bed.Then this DIY is for you..
Don't throw your old jeans or baggie pants (which has so many pockets). These are going to be basic need for this DIY. I had to take consent from Sandeep(The husband) before cutting down his pants (This is very very important).
Those of who are still not clear about what I mean by bedside organizer, this is for you.
Material requirement is simple. You can also re-purpose your old jeans for this.
No need to stitch. You can use glue gun.

Organizing is the way to clutter free life. Its not only necessary to organize but it is also important to have it functional. Otherwise if you organization fails to work after a month, you are surely going to get frustrated.

I would like to share some tips and idea which worked for me :

1. Organizing craft supplies
2. Organizing kitchen drawers

Please comment with what worked for you and what not.Keep vising the blog for new updates, new idea and some tips.




DIY : Beautiful yet simple

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Earlier I used to think that career decisions are to be made only once you are on the edge of completing your school. Career options and counseling is required only when you are going to make a decision of choosing a particular stream for moving ahead in life. Hardly I was aware of the options when I made decision for myself. At times it gives me relief to realize that ignorance is a bliss. And now the brain churns and churns and never makes the decision."The clock it ticking make it fast","You have the responsibility don't leave job", "Make yourself happy, plunge into creativity", "Look at that person-he is in Europe","Hop..hop..hop..between the jobs","Earn more..don't be stagnant"," balance".And churns and churns..and goes on..Nevertheless I can not agree more with Paulo Coelho on this "When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Its just the matter of you deciding what you want.You can not have all!
Coming back to this wonderful, simple yet adorable DIY. I have number "Jam" bottles at home. My kid loves eating Jam with roti. These are glass bottles.Just like Mason jars.
Below are the supplies you will need to make this DIY project:
Step1 is to remove the label around the bottle and wash it clean and then dry it.
Step2 take any miniature toy of you kid (dont forget to take their permission )
Step3 Stick the toy on the bottle's lid with glue gun
Step4 Spray paint using golden colour
...that's it!!!!
Use it in washrooms or kitchen or garden or as decor. It looks beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Do let me know you liked this idea.



Decoupage Tissue paper box

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We can not fulfill our destiny by imitating others. I have started to realize this more and more now a days. In this era of social media, people try to put only their best face to public.Have you ever seen someone sharing on FB that 'I had fight with my mom today' with photo?Or 'My daughter could not clear the exam'? How does this sound?We want to show the best but one has to understand that its not reality. And this leads to comparisons at its peak.The definition of success has got changed. It has become success is equal to money.

Having said that, I want to admit that I fall prey to these social media tricks. But I would say lets take best out of this. We have whole world of information at our fingertips through internet.Lets put that to some good use.

I had bought the mdf tissue box to keep inside the car. Yesterday, got a chance to decoupage it. I would like to share this with you all.

Im working these days on taking better photographs.But looks like I still need to work harder.

Please check out other decoupage work on my website and do leave comments.

Wish you all a very happy and safe Deepawali. I am very happy that my parents are coming home this festival. I would try to share a post with Deepawali decorations at my home. 




Homework caddy

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Hello Crafters,

So I asked this question to 8 year old, "what all you require to do homework?'. And he gave me a long list.Many of you may or may not be familiar with idea of home work caddy. Actually its a caddy which can be used to keep all the instruments you require while doing homework. And I feel, it should have a handle so that you can hold it and take it to any room you want to do your home.

Then I sat and designed a caddy for my friend's kid. And decided how many compartments I would need. How am I going to put handle on it. What colour combination I want to use and what message I what to give to this little one.Its always inspiring to have a good thought to be in front of you.

I first settled down for thoughts :

1. Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss it, you will land up in stars.
2. Keep looking up, there may be a rainbow waiting for you.


Then I settled down for the color combination. I wanted to use bright colours and I bought these colour papers from nearby shop.

I started making the caddy using puzzle boxes of my daughter.I am compiling a video to show step by step instructions on how I went about doing it.

Meanwhile, let me share some photos with you.



I Hope Anish would like it. My little friend, for whom I am making this. Do let me know your comments and if you like it or if you think something can be changed and made better.




DIY Socks organizer..under 30 minutes!!

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Hey There ,
I'm back with one more organizational DIY. This is to help you de-clutter your closet, arrange your closet and be able to access the things easily.
In India, we do not have big houses. Specially in metro cities like Mumbai/Delhi/Pune/Bangalore. If there are 2 people in the house. Each one would have one cupboard. We do not have the luxury of walk-in closet. So it is really your test on how you are smart enough to keep all your stuff in limited space.
Today, I am going to show you an organizer that I created to keep mt socks. As I have only 3-4 pair of them, they tend to get mixed up with other cloths and then it becomes difficult to find them when needed.
What I designed and created is a simple socks organizer.This is a four step process.I have taken long empty box and cut it from one side. I have used old cloth and colourful scrapbook paper to decorate it.
It takes less space. It can stand as well can be kept side-wise.

Organizing is the way to clutter free life. Its not only necessary to organize but having it working functional also. Otherwise if you organization fails to work after a month, you are surely going to get frustrated.

I would like to share some tips and idea which worked for me :

1. Organizing craft supplies
2. Organizing kitchen drawers

Please comment with what worked for you and what not.Keep vising the blog for new updates, new idea and some tips.




Decoupage step by step

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Hello People,

So what keeps you going everyday. For me its craft. I can think about what can be done from the materials available at home endlessly. Recently, I am in love with #Decoupage art. I have already completed few projects and planning to complete few more. Its fun.

Today, I am going to show you step by step process of decoupaging a small box. I call it as #jewelry keeping box. This was gift to my mother in law.
You can buy the small wooden box from any craft store or you can also use one having at home. Step one is to apply primer throughout the box.I use Gesso (Daler-Rowney Artists’ White Gesso Primer 250 ML) to make the surface even and ready for paint.
Once you have applied gesso, you can paint it with white or whatever colour you want. Note that the colour you give as base would be seen through the decoupage napkin that you are going to decoupage.
I chose to apply, yellow acrylic colour.
Let the paint dry. Then apply mod podge with brush evenly on the surface where you are going to stick the napkin.
You might some wrinkles when you apply thin decoupage napkin. once you have the napkin stuck to the box, let it dry.Once its dried, apply 3-4 coats of Mode Podge. Let it dry for 24 hours. Then seal it with varnish.
You can check out the different varieties that you can do with the decoupage, like the treasure box I posted earlier.



DIY - CD covers with changeable label

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 Hi Dear Crafters,

Today I am sharing a DIY on how to make a simple and colorful CD cover with changeable label.
You might be wondering who listens to CD these days.But its not only about audio CDs. You might be having movie DVDs or video CDs at your place.

Having a uniform size CD covers for all CDs makes it easy to store and organize them. With different size and materials of covers, its very difficult to store them.

We use audio CDs to listen to music.Generally, we buy music from iTunes and then write it on a CD.There is vast difference between music from ipod/iphone and CD player. CD player gives you the best results if played along with speakers.

Okay, lets get started.

cd covers with changeable label

You can make this with materials easily available at your home. Construction paper/scrapbook paper, white glue, OHP sheet, 3D tape and materials shown as below

You can use below template for making a CD cover.All the measurements are in Centimeters.

Cut the construction paper as per the template and fold it at the places as shown.

Apply glue where 'X' is marked and fold. Press the folds with bone folder or anything flag.

Now, use the scrapbook paper, and cut 2 pieces of 12*12 cm and one piece of 4*12 cm.

Stick the scrapbook paper to your earlier made cover using white glue. Your CD should fir exactly in this pocket.

To make pocket for label. Take cardstock of any colour of your choice. Cut it with measurements as 9*4 cm. Also cut OHP sheet with same measurement. Stick OHP sheet to your label holder. Now, if you have thick 2-way tape, use it like below.Keep one end open to slide label inside.

Take white card stock of 8*2 cm to write down the CD name that you are going to put in this cover.

And..thats it! I have made different colour covers for different genre of music CD.

You can also make changeable label pocket of big size so as to keep may be list of songs that the CD will Play.You can come up with different ideas. But remember that, uniformity is the key to good looks and great organization.



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