Ear Rings Organizer

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Hey There,

After a long long time, back with some organization tips using the waste material at your home :)

Earlier I had shared with you all about make-up organizer 

What I have are just ideas and how I implemented them. You can take my ideas and implement in your own style. I am here to share some ideas which come in my mind and makes life easy for me.

See if they can make your life easy..:)

I am crazy about ear rings..yes, you will come to know that when you read that I need an organizer just for ear rings..! Earlier I  used to put my ear rings in closed plastic boxes. But later on I realised that when I am in hurry I do not take pains to open the lid and put the ear rings back:). Hence I think open boxes would work for me.

So I have these boxes mainly of mobiles and dongle which are very good and sturdy. I thought lets put them to use.

Simply cover up these boxes with the colour papers. You may also use cloths or pattern paper. Whatever and whichever you want to.

Don't forget to put a base paper. here I have used green coloured felt paper. Just remember that whatever colour you choose, choose a brighter one.

Now I have categorised it as below:

First one is for set of silver ear rings and pendant
Second one is for long danglers, generally I wear them when I go out to party or mall.
Third one is for regular use.
Fourth one has gold plated ear rings along with my Mangalsutra

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