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Good Morning dear readers and bloggers and craft lovers..

Today I am here with a DIY..Yes you are right! Actually I do not do much of DIY projects because it needs lot of preparation and dedication and planning. And me on the other hand is someone who is not much of a planning person. I am spontaneous. And that is why its difficult for me. Also having to do office plus house work plus this is also bit more stressful.

But craft is something that relieves my stress. I like to do it. I like to experiment. I love it.

So my today's DIY is about making a beautiful shiny heart.This you can use it in your any card project or explosion box or an album, anywhere. It will add the 'X' factor to your creation. I am sure you all will like it.

Nowadays I have fallen in love with making videos and showing you all.Earlier I thought its lot of hard work. But there is something called smart work. I'm experimenting with creating different video clips. And I hoping you all will like it.

The below clip give step by step procedure to create your own shiny heart for this valentine :)

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