Sospeso Transparente..first try

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Hello my dear readers and enthusiasts ,

Happy weekend sleepy heads! I know it feels so nice when its friday morning and exactly opposite is the feeling when its Sunday evening. I think you all will agree with me on this whether you do a job or not, Saturdays are the best!

So here I am with my experiment with Sospeso Transparente. This is also called volume decoupage.I wanted to do it since very long. But never really got the in the shop near by my house. So I had retail therapy one morning and bought quite a few supplies from craftadda

I got this sheet for Rs.150. However, while buying it I did not think a lot. But I would like to give a piece of advice, buy a sheet which has similar coloured flowers in all sizes.

Overall it was a fun experience. I have not used all the flowers that came along. I can definitely use it later for some other project. May be a photo frame or a wine bottle decoration. I don't know..!

This is to show you all what I bought and what you should not buy :).
Buy the one with same coloured flowers and in all sizes.

I made the backgroud with acrylic colours - some yellow and gold .

 I am not sure when and what I am going to make with remaining flowers. But I will keep you all posted.

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