The Endless..infinite or the never ending card

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Hello my dear friends...

I was very fascinated by these small video clips which used to pop-up on facebook showing these never ending cards. I didnt know the name. But google is the answer to all our questions these days.

So I came across this video in youtube by Robin Messenheimer. It is really awesome the way she has explained.Very slowly and methodically.

Below is the link for it :

Never ending Card by Robin

I decide to make my own and capture step by step procedure on how to make it. Below is the small video clip that is showing my card and how it just opens in any and all directions..!

And the front of the card :

Now for the procedure, take two 6'' by 6'' card stock. I chose below design:

Cut the card stock into 3'' by 6'' piece. So you would have 4 pieces altogether

Score along the short ends of all the 4 pieces at 1.5 inches 

Then you will have 4 pieces as below. Keep them in below pattern:

Piece number 3 and 4 would form front face of the card

Apply the glue to card number 1 and 2 in the four corners as below. Then put card number 3 and 4 vertical on card number 1 and 2 as shown:

And taadaa....!! its done..!

Try one your self..its fun and simple to make....

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