Up-cycle big boxes

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Hey my dear friends...

How are you all doing :)

Today I want to show you how I am trying to arrange few things at home. We stay on rented house and do not have any furniture. So it becomes difficult to display my creative talent ;).

Also it becomes difficult to keep things in place. So what I do is , whenever I get a new box as packing of some purchase, I try to visualize how I can best use it for my purpose.

So, I am going to take you through few up-cycling of boxes and how I have used them at home

This one is the one that came with Television Set, I have covered it with handmade paper and a silky cloth on top of it. My sweet little daughter helped me doing this by applying glue to the box and to her hands.I use it to keep my indoor plant, a photo frame and an explosion box.

This one is of the camera accessories. My husband is a professional photographer so I get such boxes every now and then ;).So this is a long box and I have wrapped it in a satin cloth and handmade crochet  table top by my Mom.This stands just below the photographs and near the entry door.

I have kept a bowl on top of it to keep everyday essentials that we required while going out. Like my sunglasses and my husbands watch and his wallet. A home to every little thing, keeps the things organized.

And this last one is printer box. I have made compartments inside it to keep medicines. Unfortunately, I do not have a photograph of it.  

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Make Tie-Backs for your curtains

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Hi Everyone,

Today we are going to see how you can make beautiful Tie-backs for your curtains by up-cycling plastic bottles. Interesting isn't it?

When I started with making flowers from plastic bottle, I had never had destination in my mind. That is I was not sure what I was going to do with these flowers. Basically I had bought a new red colored acrylic spray and I wanted to use it on something. Besides I had these bottles at home lying around.

When I made these flowers, first I thought lets make a flower pot by attaching a thick wire to these flowers.But that didn't interest me. And then this idea struck me :). And I am happy the way it turned out.

Please have look at it by your self.

Now lets see how I made it. You need very minimal materials for it.

Cut first half of plastic bottle using a cutter or a scissor. Then use acrylic spray or use acrylic paint to paint these plastic flowers.

The spray gives a smooth shiny effect.

Paint the caps with golden colour and stick golden chain or kundan highlighting the border.

Then make the whole in the cap and put a ribbon through it.I prefer using golden colour ribbon to give it royal effect :)

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Organise Your bill receipts

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Hey my all dear friends,

Wish you all a very good morning and happy valentine day! I wish you all spend you quality time with your loved one and gift each other lot of love and care :)

My husband is not with me today. He is travelling for some office work. So me and my kiddo are spending time with each other. Watching TV, eating pizza, drawing and playing and enjoying :)

When I had started with blog some 5 years back, I was not confident enough to write. Hence if you go through my earlier posts, you will see only pictures. But down the line I have learned to write and enjoy writing. I am also exploring new options of reaching out to all of you. This year I started creating small small video clips showing snippet of my art. It was not as difficult as I thought. However, it does take time than to just post pictures. But when I posted small clips I got very good response from all of you. And hence today I am going one step ahead and sharing this organiser video with you all along with my voice.I hope you all will like it.

This is an organiser I made to keep receipts of expensive things and their warranty cards. In our day to day life we tend to forget the dates and forget to use the service for which we paid. It has happened with me. So I decided to be more orgainsed about these things.

I am keeping warranties and service plans inside an envelope and putting a sticky note on top of it. This gives me the next date of servicing without having to go through all the receipts.And I can keep track of things easily.And all the envelopes are attached in a binder file.

This is a binder file by Solo. I have done make-over of it.I like things to be more colorful.That way they bring smile on my face.

Please go through below video and tell me if you liked it.

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Make your own flowers

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Hello Everyone,

My dear are you all today?

Today I have come up with a 'DIY' project. When I am making a card or a scrapbook I fall short of embellishments and flowers to decorate it. And I really do not believe in buying embellishments if we can make our own.

So, lets get started....

We are going to make three types of flowers using the same flower template.I have made three flowers. One using tissue paper another using normal drawing paper and the last one using felt paper.I downloaded this template from internet. Took a print out of it and traced it on cardboard. And then cut those flowers in the flower shape.

So you get 8 sizes of the same type of flowers as below:

Then take as many as size of flowers as you want and make the flowers. I have tried to make a video of this procedure. Please click on below video to see:

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Art Journal : Page2 : I know who I am

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Hello to all my readers,

A very good morning to you all!

I wanted to do this from long long time i.e ever since I read this quote.However, I was not sure how I was going to represent this.

First I came up with idea of peacock and then quote around it. I drew it with pencil but I was not very satisfied with result. Then I drew a face with some design around it but still it was not looking the I wanted.

The thought is so beautiful, it lingers in mind for so long.

I know who I am
I am not perfect
I am not the most beautiful woman in the world
But I am one of them 
-Mary J. Blinge

'I know I am not perfect' - it is so true! If I know and accept that I am not perfect , I would not expect perfectionism from others and from myself. I really do not care if I am perfect or not. I just give my 100% to anything I am working onto and hope for the best.

I am certainly not the most beautiful woman in the world. Its like I am accepting my imperfections But still I am proud of myself. I am proud of being ME:). I would further go on and add --

I know I am not the most intelligent woman but I am one of them.

This quote is dedicated to everyone out there who accept their imperfections But still proud of being themselves.

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Tri-shutter Card

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Good evening all my dear bloggers,

I am all about making cards these days. May be because its valentine or may be because I am amazed by the different types of handmade cards. They are so charming and attractive and inviting ;)

Yes, the different you tube videos invite me to make one of my own. Earlier I had made the Endless card.It was fun making that too.

And now this one. Its called Tri-shutter card. This is because when it opens, it has 3 folds or openings you can say. Its beautiful and you have lot of space to write your message :)

I have used my new card stock of cupcakes..its so cute!I am liking it. And the heart is something I made by self. You can also make one for your project using instructions given here.

If you have liked it and want to know how to make it, then do let me know. I would post the step by step procedure.

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