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Hello everyone..
How are you all my dear readers? It is so so hot in Bangalore. Last year Bangalore was so much better. I wonder how April and May would be :( I was just thinking and just day dreaming about writing the blog post. But it took me real push from inside to actually do it. :)
I had promised myself that I would be regular and keep my blog up to date this year.Now though I have done few things related to craft or art or organization, I haven't captured them properly. And to be very very honest. My mind is always occupied with such ideas. But I can not implement them all.
I would also like to confess one truth. Though I am a married woman and Mom of a kid, I do not know much in cooking. I was never interested in learning to cook.It does not make me happy. I was also never much of foodie type. Hence organizing something in kitchen is achievement for me :) 
I had very very tough time keeping these plastic boxes in order. I could never achieve it. I have all types and sizes of boxes. Every time  you order something from restaurent they provide it in plastic box. I don't know what to do with so many. Because I have many many of them.
So this is how I got started :
IMP : Throw all the boxes you dont want before you start organizing
Step 1 : Gather all the cereal, chocos boxes 
Step 2 : Categorize the box lids
Step 3 : Put the lids in the box as per the category

Arrange the the big boxes/Kids Lunch boxes in a different drawer to make it easy to access.

    And now stack the boxes together whose lids are in one cardboard box.

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