Organizing craft supplies PART I

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Hello my dear readers,

How are you my dear friends..? I am here with some organizing ideas and tip.It would be very useful for all of you if you have very small space like mine to keep your craft supplies.

It becomes very difficult if you have limited space and on top of that if you can not do any structural modifications. I have top shelf of a cupboard to keep all my supplies. And like all the crafters I am also fond of buying new things every now and then.

I had bought few corrugated boxes of same size and categorized and labeled my supplies. However, it was never functional.I always had to open each box and see as they were not transparent. And all the craft papers were BIG mess.And the sad things was I was not able to use full space.

Let me show you glimpse of how it was :

My main aim and motto of this organization :
1. Maximize the space 
2. Make all accessible
So, Part I brings you organization of papers.I have decided to use the boxes I already have at home in some different way.
Take any flat rectangular box and cut it from front as shown in picture. Take any tall box like below and remove its lid.

Then colour both of them. I decided to go with red and decorate it with some laces. Do not put lot of time in decorating or you will forget your aim of organizing :)

Then using glue gun stick them to the door! make sure you are able to close the door properly after that.
And there goes my duplex crepe papers and wires and pollens. Have a look yourself:

Keep visiting the blog for new updates and organization tips or ideas or to see different art or to see my art journal and know what kind of person I am. I will come back with next part very soon.
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