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I would never want to stop learning

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I'm always attracted to the unknown art form. Anything that looks attractive and if I don't know how to do it, it will be in mind till I learn it or do it myself. Until then my mind would not let me sleep also in the night. I don't know when and how this happened that I fell in love with craft.

I had engaged my self with one day workshop to learn cutie doll and then learned royal curtain tie backs.And now what is tempting me is mixed media art ;)

There are so many tutorials on youtube. I have nearly seen 15-20 of them. After checking so many videos one thing what I understood is that this art form is comparatively expensive. The colours, modelling paste, gesso or anything related to this art is costly. There were so many online courses offer for this, where in teaching fee is nominal compared to material cost.

So, finally after doing so much of research, I finally decided to jump into it and try my first mixed media painting on canvas.

My trial turned out to be like this. This is without all the fancy materials. I am going to make a plan for myself to buy the colours on monthly basis.

I would request you to stay with me along with my new learnings, trials, mistakes, discoveries. ou suggestions and support mean a lot.
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