My new learning : Royal curtain tie back

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Hello to all my dear readers..

As I had promised my self that I would learn at least one new thing this year. SoI had enrolled for learning this beautiful and royal curtain band online. 
I was fascinated by its looks and pictures. I thought why not learn and make a pair for my own house.
It will not take you more than 2 days to complete one curtain band.
You should have basic sewing experience to start with and should have glue gun to proceed with:)
Rest all is fun. As you complete the flowers and petals and leaf one by one it would start getting into shape.Be prepared for some hard work to do but its not difficult.
You might want to check out my earlier post of curtain tie backs as well.
I have promised my sisters that I would make one for them also with different colour and combinations. I would post the pictures if I do make one more :)

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