Organizing craft supplies PART II

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Hey Dear All,

I am back with my second part of organizing craft supplies. You can check out what we did in PART I.  I am done with organizing my craft supplies and it feels so much better now. I can see what I have and where I have kept it. I do not have to open lot of boxes to see what is where. Everything is easily accessible. And this motivates me to do more paper crafts and other crafts.

I spent one full day organizing my supplies. Deciding what I need and what I have and what I would buy and from where.And I was so happy to spend time like that. My husband could not believe that how can someone be so excited to organize such a messed up shelf. I have re-used most of the things available at home. And bought only couple of things.

So let me show you what all the little improvements that I have done have made life easy for me:

1. Simple thing which made my life easier to access all the paper is this super simple organizer. Its a 3 layered organizer made of 3 boxes of same size. Now I can easily choose the paper I need.

2. The main thing in my mind was to maximize the top space also. So this is how I organized my scrapbook paper. I have put them in a thick transparent bag and put the flap of the bag over the hanger. Used cloth clips to stay it together.

3. Earlier I used to categorize and keep my colour pens and paint brushes in small cups over the shelf only. And everytime when I used to search for a craft paper from a box, this used to fall down. So, Isurfed on amazon again and again {I like it anyways ;)}to search what will best suit my need. I bought this shoe organizer which I could hang on the door. Maximized the space again!!

4. Now when the place for almost everything was decided, there remained quilling strips and thai clay to be organized.I bought these transparent good quality plastic boxes which can hold weight and also can be good enough to take care of delicate paper strips. And placed it like this on the right corner.

5. And here is ho wit finally looks.Left door has flower making supplies of crepe paper. Right door has pens and paint brush.Red organizer has ribbons,embellishments and variety of glues. 

How is it gals? Did you like it? Can you share your simple organization ideas that you use in your day to day life to make life easier.

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