Shoe box turned into CD organizer

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Hello ,
Today I have come with best out of waste idea using a shoe box.I wanted to make a CD organizer for home. Now you would ask who listens to CD these days? But we do. We are music lovers and music is best when listened from CD player.Believe me, we have tried all other ways!! coming back to this idea. I loved making it.I have used black and orange combination. Black goes good with my other show pieces on the table.I am going to give you complete procedure of how to make this organizer in the small video clip attached in this post.

So, this one is not only organizer but also a memory refresher.This means that I have kept pockets for keeping photos. And the photos can be changed as and when.
Lets have a look at it:

There is divider which divides organizer into two. One side I kept CDs of my kiddo and other side our CDs.I am also thinking of making color coded covers for CDs. When I will come up with that I will definitely write another post to show it.

"All it takes is 1 song to bring back 1000 memories". True, isn't it? This is the side view. It has a tag and a small quote again. I have made those golden screws with clay and painted it gold.
 "Each memory has a soundtrack of its own". You can keep on changing the photos and refresh your memories.
As I promised, below is the small video clip which shows how to make this beautiful organizer.

How is it gals? Did you like it? Can you share your simple organization ideas that you use in your day to day life to make life easier.
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