Wine Bottle decoration

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Hi Everyone,
Wish you all a very happy weekend! Though  I am not sure when I will be publishing this post. But its Saturday today so I thought let me wish you all before I start with actual matter.

Today, I am sharing some simple idea for wine bottle decoration.I was at my in laws place a month back or so.There I found beautiful snaps captured by my Husband. But as per him they are below his acceptable levels.So the beautiful snaps were just lying in a cupboard. I got them back with me.

So, lets get started. You need below materials to start with :

1. Glass bottle
2. Gesso/primer
3. While acrylic colour
4. Old phtotos
5. ribbons
6. Silicon glue

First of all remove the label from the bottle by soaking the bottle in warm soapy water for some time.
Then apply Gesso and then apply colour of your choice. I applied white colour.

Then cut the part of photo which you want to stick on bottle.Its not possible to stick it with mod podge. So better use silicon glue or glue gun. You can apply a coat of mod podge over it to secure it.This is not exactly decoupaging.
Once you are done, just decorate your bottle with ribbons and motifs.I am going to put this set of three beautiful bottles at the foyer i.e just near the entrance of the house.
You can check out more wine bottle decoration ideas here.
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  1. i liked your post and wanted to try myself, can you please tell me where can i get gesso and silicon glue?


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