Wine Bottle decoration

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Hi Dear creative minds,

How are you people? enjoying rains? June means re-opening of schools and it means rain. It is start of junior KG for my little one. First day of school is never good for kids. That too after such a long break. She had forgotten what school is all about ;). But I was prepared this time to make her prepare for the school. We used to talk about school and friends and teachers every night before going to bed.And that did the trick!

So coming back from school to our craft adventures. Today, I want to share with you all wine bottle decoration using sospeso transparente. I have used the flowers from the sheet I had bought and used in my first project.

I had painted this bottle with blood red colour using acrylic colour spray. And then using heat I gave shape to these small little flowers and leaves.

This is how my bottle looks after decoration:

And now it proudly lies as center piece on my table. How is it friends? Please share you thought and comments. I would be happy to read your comments.

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wo kagaj ki Kashti, woh bareesh ka pani

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Paper Quilling lovers,

I am taking part in Indian Quilling Challenge for the first time. This month's Challenge is Childhood.

Childhood reminds me of staying together in a big joint familiy. Enjoying with cousins and friends.Dancing in rain.Enjoying each and every festival. Going on long walks and playing some stupid games :)

It reminds me of making paper plane and throwing at each other with my brother. It reminds me of keeping small pebble in chocolate wrapper and giving to someone just to make fool of him.Rainy season was our favorite. We used to make paper boat and take to the nearest pond and play.

I have tried to put on the most beautiful phase of my life on paper through paper quilling.

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clay modelling,

Decorating MDF photo frame

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Hello Crafters!!!

Today I m going to show you what have I done with a photo frame that I had ordered from Amazon.This is mdf photo frame which holds photo of 4*6 inch in size.

This is very simple and you can also do it if you have any photo frame to decorate. I have not take step by step photos while making this but I am sure it is not difficult to make out from the final picture.

The base has some texture. I hope you can make that out from above photo. This texture is made using wall putty which you can easily by from any hardware shops in India.
The clay work is done using thai clay without any molds.

Lets have look at another picture

I prepared clay by adding colour into white clay.I decide to use purple and yellow flowers. I took lot of time and days to think on how many flowers and what type of leaves.

How did you like it dear crafters?Do let me know your comments suggestions. I would be happy to hear back from you.

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Fun Friday Series - Squash Card

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I am starting with a new series called 'Fun Friday' series. I would provide tutorial with you all for different type of card every Friday.I wish you also have fun with me every Friday and learn these small cards and tricks.

So, today we are going to make a squash card.This is very very simple and what you need is only coloured paper and glue :). This can also be used as an element in scrapbook.

I am putting a small video here.Please click on the link to see how to make this lovely sqaush card.

I am happy to start this series. I hope you have fun with me and we make different cards and enjoy doing this.

Please comment, suggest or mail me with you feedback or if you want to learn anything in particular in this site.

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