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Hello People,

Hope you all are enjoying the rain. I miss eating 'Bhutta' in rain. But overall, I don't miss Mumbai rains. There used to be struggle at each stage of the journey to office.It is in this season that a fellow commuter will happily offer his window seat to you. Surely, I don't miss it now that I am working from home from Bangalore.

I wanted to show you some kids craft today. Its a DIY and I am sure you are going to like it.
Let me first put a picture of what I am talking about:

Really cute, isn't it? These are made from waste box which were available with me. And coincidentally all three boxes turned out to be of same size.I just loved the cute and innocent faces.
Okay, if you cant already relate them with animals, let me tell you starting from let to right.
First one is Kitty, then is pig in pink and last is Panda.

I am keeping them on my home office table with all my essentials :). It is made from the simplest things which would be available at you home if your kid is small and goes to school.

I hope you all liked it. Do comment and suggest.A thumbs up would be a welcome one :)

Have a nice day and wish you a happy weekend!




Wine Bottle Decoration

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Hello There Creative People,

Before starting my office work, I am going to post this blog today. I am getting irregular in posting on my site and I don't like it a bit. So, today I have decided that first blog then work.Though eventually when I post it will be afternoon as I still have to work on photos.

Okay, today again I am going to show few more ideas of wine bottle decoration. I have many posts on wine bottle decoration. I think they are the best table top home decors. They are so pretty, attractive, charming, inexpensive and lovely.

I have painted this bottle golden using acrylic spray. Acrylic spray gives you smooth finish, no brush strokes! Before applying paint, I stuck a cello tape around where I wanted to paint white for making design.

Before this, I was working on red colour and painted a bottle red. You can have look at yourself.
Unfortunately this is the only picture I have :(

My little one which you can see in above pictures made sure that this bottle does not see another day in her life.It was broken the very next day :(. But I controlled my emotions and did not get angry with her, instead picked up golden one kept it above refrigerator.

I Hope you liked the ideas and would try one for yourself. You may also want to see other ideas that I had posted earlier.




Makeovers and makeovers

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Hi Dear Crafters...

How are you all? Its been long long since my last post.I got way too busy with office work.And still have lot of pending work to be completed :(. Last few weeks were different and good in a way. I had to travel due to office work and that gave me some 'my' time. I finished reading one complete book in the trip while travelling :). Spent some time and money on myself.

Meanwhile I had started with lot of different projects at a time. I need to finish them one by one.I want to finish them but my mind does not work that way. It keeps on producing different ideas and unless I try different ideas I am restless. I can not dedicate myself to work only on one area of craft.Somehow, it does not work out with me.

Let me show you how I have changed the dull and boring look of security door of our house. Generally, we have a security door besides the main door of the house.

I have painted it white with white acrylic spray paint. And the decoupaged using napkins.I have used some paints to color the flower and leaves. Bought colourful planters and put them on door. I am yet to buy plants for it.

Unfortunately I dont have many photos and I ended up breaking my mobile yesterday.So, I think you will not see any posts coming soon. Let me get it working soon because mobile is a lifeline these days ;)

How is it friends? Super easy and inexpensive decor idea to decorate main door of your house.


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