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Hello People,

Hope you all are enjoying the rain. I miss eating 'Bhutta' in rain. But overall, I don't miss Mumbai rains. There used to be struggle at each stage of the journey to office.It is in this season that a fellow commuter will happily offer his window seat to you. Surely, I don't miss it now that I am working from home from Bangalore.

I wanted to show you some kids craft today. Its a DIY and I am sure you are going to like it.
Let me first put a picture of what I am talking about:

Really cute, isn't it? These are made from waste box which were available with me. And coincidentally all three boxes turned out to be of same size.I just loved the cute and innocent faces.
Okay, if you cant already relate them with animals, let me tell you starting from let to right.
First one is Kitty, then is pig in pink and last is Panda.

I am keeping them on my home office table with all my essentials :). It is made from the simplest things which would be available at you home if your kid is small and goes to school.

I hope you all liked it. Do comment and suggest.A thumbs up would be a welcome one :)

Have a nice day and wish you a happy weekend!


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