Wine Bottle Decoration

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Hello There Creative People,

Before starting my office work, I am going to post this blog today. I am getting irregular in posting on my site and I don't like it a bit. So, today I have decided that first blog then work.Though eventually when I post it will be afternoon as I still have to work on photos.

Okay, today again I am going to show few more ideas of wine bottle decoration. I have many posts on wine bottle decoration. I think they are the best table top home decors. They are so pretty, attractive, charming, inexpensive and lovely.

I have painted this bottle golden using acrylic spray. Acrylic spray gives you smooth finish, no brush strokes! Before applying paint, I stuck a cello tape around where I wanted to paint white for making design.

Before this, I was working on red colour and painted a bottle red. You can have look at yourself.
Unfortunately this is the only picture I have :(

My little one which you can see in above pictures made sure that this bottle does not see another day in her life.It was broken the very next day :(. But I controlled my emotions and did not get angry with her, instead picked up golden one kept it above refrigerator.

I Hope you liked the ideas and would try one for yourself. You may also want to see other ideas that I had posted earlier.


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