DIY - CD covers with changeable label

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 Hi Dear Crafters,

Today I am sharing a DIY on how to make a simple and colorful CD cover with changeable label.
You might be wondering who listens to CD these days.But its not only about audio CDs. You might be having movie DVDs or video CDs at your place.

Having a uniform size CD covers for all CDs makes it easy to store and organize them. With different size and materials of covers, its very difficult to store them.

We use audio CDs to listen to music.Generally, we buy music from iTunes and then write it on a CD.There is vast difference between music from ipod/iphone and CD player. CD player gives you the best results if played along with speakers.

Okay, lets get started.

cd covers with changeable label

You can make this with materials easily available at your home. Construction paper/scrapbook paper, white glue, OHP sheet, 3D tape and materials shown as below

You can use below template for making a CD cover.All the measurements are in Centimeters.

Cut the construction paper as per the template and fold it at the places as shown.

Apply glue where 'X' is marked and fold. Press the folds with bone folder or anything flag.

Now, use the scrapbook paper, and cut 2 pieces of 12*12 cm and one piece of 4*12 cm.

Stick the scrapbook paper to your earlier made cover using white glue. Your CD should fir exactly in this pocket.

To make pocket for label. Take cardstock of any colour of your choice. Cut it with measurements as 9*4 cm. Also cut OHP sheet with same measurement. Stick OHP sheet to your label holder. Now, if you have thick 2-way tape, use it like below.Keep one end open to slide label inside.

Take white card stock of 8*2 cm to write down the CD name that you are going to put in this cover.

And..thats it! I have made different colour covers for different genre of music CD.

You can also make changeable label pocket of big size so as to keep may be list of songs that the CD will Play.You can come up with different ideas. But remember that, uniformity is the key to good looks and great organization.


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