Decoupage step by step

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Hello People,

So what keeps you going everyday. For me its craft. I can think about what can be done from the materials available at home endlessly. Recently, I am in love with #Decoupage art. I have already completed few projects and planning to complete few more. Its fun.

Today, I am going to show you step by step process of decoupaging a small box. I call it as #jewelry keeping box. This was gift to my mother in law.
You can buy the small wooden box from any craft store or you can also use one having at home. Step one is to apply primer throughout the box.I use Gesso (Daler-Rowney Artists’ White Gesso Primer 250 ML) to make the surface even and ready for paint.
Once you have applied gesso, you can paint it with white or whatever colour you want. Note that the colour you give as base would be seen through the decoupage napkin that you are going to decoupage.
I chose to apply, yellow acrylic colour.
Let the paint dry. Then apply mod podge with brush evenly on the surface where you are going to stick the napkin.
You might some wrinkles when you apply thin decoupage napkin. once you have the napkin stuck to the box, let it dry.Once its dried, apply 3-4 coats of Mode Podge. Let it dry for 24 hours. Then seal it with varnish.
You can check out the different varieties that you can do with the decoupage, like the treasure box I posted earlier.

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