Decoupage Tissue paper box

1:20:00 AM Pooja 1 Comments

We can not fulfill our destiny by imitating others. I have started to realize this more and more now a days. In this era of social media, people try to put only their best face to public.Have you ever seen someone sharing on FB that 'I had fight with my mom today' with photo?Or 'My daughter could not clear the exam'? How does this sound?We want to show the best but one has to understand that its not reality. And this leads to comparisons at its peak.The definition of success has got changed. It has become success is equal to money.

Having said that, I want to admit that I fall prey to these social media tricks. But I would say lets take best out of this. We have whole world of information at our fingertips through internet.Lets put that to some good use.

I had bought the mdf tissue box to keep inside the car. Yesterday, got a chance to decoupage it. I would like to share this with you all.

Im working these days on taking better photographs.But looks like I still need to work harder.

Please check out other decoupage work on my website and do leave comments.

Wish you all a very happy and safe Deepawali. I am very happy that my parents are coming home this festival. I would try to share a post with Deepawali decorations at my home. 



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