Organize your leggings in 5 minutes

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Lets de-clutter wardrobe in 5 mins. I was just kidding. I know its not possible to de-cultter in 5 mins. We never want to give away anything and want to have everything in our wardrobe even it fits you or not.
This article is about organizing leggings in a simple way. You would be shocked to see how it was before I decided to organize them. 
This is like 'Before' photo of my mess with the leggings.First of all, I do not like to fold cloths. I feel there is no point and there is no use. Because while taking out the bottom most piece of cloth you are surely going to ruin the folds of the top ones. And when you are in hurry, I bet you would end messing up everything ;)

So this is how I started, I had two empty boxes lying around the house for few days. Until finally I decided to put them to good use.
Cut out the two sides of the box. I tried one with cutting the top and other with closed one. Its enormously simple to put and take out legging from the box without top.Believe me!
Then I just rolled all the leggings and kept them one over the other. Now, mind you! you need not waste lot of time in rolling.Once they are into these organizers they are not going disturb neighboring pile of cloths
Even though the photo here is of the one that is being pulled from top, I want to tell you that pulling out legging from bottom or middle is also that easy. And when you put it back just slide it from the top :)
I would like to share some tips and idea which worked for me :
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DIY : Bed side organizer

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You have Television Set in the bedroom? You love to lie down on bed and watch TV?And often you keep remote controls somewhere which you do not find when needed while lying down on bed.Then this DIY is for you..
Don't throw your old jeans or baggie pants (which has so many pockets). These are going to be basic need for this DIY. I had to take consent from Sandeep(The husband) before cutting down his pants (This is very very important).
Those of who are still not clear about what I mean by bedside organizer, this is for you.
Material requirement is simple. You can also re-purpose your old jeans for this.
No need to stitch. You can use glue gun.

Organizing is the way to clutter free life. Its not only necessary to organize but it is also important to have it functional. Otherwise if you organization fails to work after a month, you are surely going to get frustrated.

I would like to share some tips and idea which worked for me :

1. Organizing craft supplies
2. Organizing kitchen drawers

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DIY : Beautiful yet simple

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Earlier I used to think that career decisions are to be made only once you are on the edge of completing your school. Career options and counseling is required only when you are going to make a decision of choosing a particular stream for moving ahead in life. Hardly I was aware of the options when I made decision for myself. At times it gives me relief to realize that ignorance is a bliss. And now the brain churns and churns and never makes the decision."The clock it ticking make it fast","You have the responsibility don't leave job", "Make yourself happy, plunge into creativity", "Look at that person-he is in Europe","Hop..hop..hop..between the jobs","Earn more..don't be stagnant"," balance".And churns and churns..and goes on..Nevertheless I can not agree more with Paulo Coelho on this "When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Its just the matter of you deciding what you want.You can not have all!
Coming back to this wonderful, simple yet adorable DIY. I have number "Jam" bottles at home. My kid loves eating Jam with roti. These are glass bottles.Just like Mason jars.
Below are the supplies you will need to make this DIY project:
Step1 is to remove the label around the bottle and wash it clean and then dry it.
Step2 take any miniature toy of you kid (dont forget to take their permission )
Step3 Stick the toy on the bottle's lid with glue gun
Step4 Spray paint using golden colour
...that's it!!!!
Use it in washrooms or kitchen or garden or as decor. It looks beautiful!!

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