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Earlier I used to think that career decisions are to be made only once you are on the edge of completing your school. Career options and counseling is required only when you are going to make a decision of choosing a particular stream for moving ahead in life. Hardly I was aware of the options when I made decision for myself. At times it gives me relief to realize that ignorance is a bliss. And now the brain churns and churns and never makes the decision."The clock it ticking make it fast","You have the responsibility don't leave job", "Make yourself happy, plunge into creativity", "Look at that person-he is in Europe","Hop..hop..hop..between the jobs","Earn more..don't be stagnant"," balance".And churns and churns..and goes on..Nevertheless I can not agree more with Paulo Coelho on this "When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
Its just the matter of you deciding what you want.You can not have all!
Coming back to this wonderful, simple yet adorable DIY. I have number "Jam" bottles at home. My kid loves eating Jam with roti. These are glass bottles.Just like Mason jars.
Below are the supplies you will need to make this DIY project:
Step1 is to remove the label around the bottle and wash it clean and then dry it.
Step2 take any miniature toy of you kid (dont forget to take their permission )
Step3 Stick the toy on the bottle's lid with glue gun
Step4 Spray paint using golden colour
...that's it!!!!
Use it in washrooms or kitchen or garden or as decor. It looks beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Do let me know you liked this idea.

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