DIY : Bed side organizer

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You have Television Set in the bedroom? You love to lie down on bed and watch TV?And often you keep remote controls somewhere which you do not find when needed while lying down on bed.Then this DIY is for you..
Don't throw your old jeans or baggie pants (which has so many pockets). These are going to be basic need for this DIY. I had to take consent from Sandeep(The husband) before cutting down his pants (This is very very important).
Those of who are still not clear about what I mean by bedside organizer, this is for you.
Material requirement is simple. You can also re-purpose your old jeans for this.
No need to stitch. You can use glue gun.

Organizing is the way to clutter free life. Its not only necessary to organize but it is also important to have it functional. Otherwise if you organization fails to work after a month, you are surely going to get frustrated.

I would like to share some tips and idea which worked for me :

1. Organizing craft supplies
2. Organizing kitchen drawers

Please comment with what worked for you and what not.Keep vising the blog for new updates, new idea and some tips.


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  1. You have awesome bedside organizer, from jeans into bedside organizer. I have a lot of jeans here so I can make more bedside organizer Thanks for this idea.

  2. Hello,
    I have seen your post and it is very much good post and it is kinda cool also. I am working in Vancouver pr company and I used to read designer blogs, when i get bored from my work. Keep posting. Thank you so much for the post.
    Best regards

  3. Hello Pooja, I have seen your post and it is very beautiful and innovative design that how can you use your old clothes instead of throwing it. I have made only 5 flower pot with moscow mule cups and it looks really nice but I didn't thought about using an old clothes like that. Thanks for such an wonderful information. And yeah i would to see more from you.
    Best regards
    Eric Stalker

  4. wow, it is very creative. I am so much impressed with your work. I would love to hear more from you. I have never think that I can use my old jeans like that. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Best regards
    tree stump removal erie pa


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