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Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Its been long time since my last post. I was little kept up with my office work, year end processing and important enhancements were scheduled to go live. By now, you know that I am into IT industry ;)
Okay, so I wanted to share this with you all long back only, However, could not get enough time to compile the post. Today we are going to learn to make Shadow box frame. This can be used for any of your quilling art work or punch craft art work or anything that you think needs a temporary frame or you dont want to spend lot of money on getting the frame done. In all such cases, you should learn to make shadow box frame. Its very very simple!
The basic materials are as below. I use nail cutter for crisp folding. Its very important that you make your folds properly.
Now take 12 inches by 12 inches cardstock of any colour you want to make frame of.
Mark from every corner at 4 points as shown: 1.5cm, 3cm, 4.5cm, 6cm. This decides the width of the frame border.
Once you mark the points, join them as shown and the cut out the 4 squares as shown and marked in red
Once you cut the 4 corners, mark as below for the two opposite sides of the square.
It should look like below after you mark at two opposite sides
The cut out as per the markings made in red and it would look like below. Then with help of bone folder or any thing which you can use as folder fold on all the three lines starting from edge inwards. Make sure that you do not fold on the innermost line
Apply while glue on the edges marked in red.
Make sure that fold corners perfectly. It should make a proper square at corner like below
And thats it!! Our shadow frame is ready!!!

I would soon come up with many more posts. As I have done many many creative and crafty things.
Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. Lets talk about new year resolution in the next post. It would be fun, right??!!


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